This Content Posting Strategy can grow your Instagram account 20X Faster

This Content Posting Strategy can grow your Instagram account 20X Faster

There are several types of content that I want to discuss and this article will be fairly short but I'll be I'll make sure to write every bit of content that you can be posting and what's best to both. Hello Friends, Today I Govind Dadhich in this article, I wanted to share with you what type of content to post on Instagram account which can grow post likes & followers  by 20x faster.

So these are the types of content :
- Viral content
- Your own content
- Repost other peoples content
- Viral videos

And I'm going to explain that we post other people's content and viral videos now viral content is basically when you go on Instagram and you go on the Explorer page you can immediately see some pictures that have ten to twenty thousand likes and depending on your knees you can just take those pictures screenshot them and then post them on your account and that's how you build a viral.

That's how you actually create a viral post on Instagram.

Nobody on Instagram is creating their own posts. All of that all the content that you see on Instagram from pages that are on personal pages are just content that's just taken from other pages and we post it and that's how people build the following 1 million 2 million.

And you know there's a ton of pages like that and it's not unethical. It's the internet. That's how you share content on the Internet.

The next one is your own content.

Now I think this one is the best of course. If you have a personal page just make pictures of yourself and put some great value in your photos under the captain of your photos and just create your own content.

You know by making photos of yourself and putting value the other way you can create your own content. Let's say you are in the motivation beach and now you can go on to design the ad and you can create your own types of you know your own motivation posts over there.

As I said you're in the motivation. So maybe you can take a picture from of a nice looking car and then go accountable upload it and then put a nice quote that you can easily find on Google.

Put a nice quote on top of the picture and then you have your own content.

If you're in the luxury beach or in the wait let's say you're in a weight loss niche then you take a picture from Tumblr or something or some type of healthy food and then go on camera edit that picture a little bit.

Put some nice quote about healthy eating and then upload it to your Instagram page.

What do I mean by Tumblr prompt now?

Tumblr is the I think is the biggest Web site for pictures and most of the pictures there aren't copyrighted.

So you can easily just take pictures from there and just upload them to your own Instagram page. Now you're not claiming the content as you are so it's not a problem you're just taking a picture from

And if you want to do this credit the person that has uploaded it on Tumblr but you can find luxury let's say you're in the luxury niche you can quiet luxury pages on Tumblr and just download the photos from Tumblr and post them on your Instagram with some nice quotes in the caption.

Now you can also repost other people's content that says you're in that luxury niche.

You can go and find Instagram accounts that are in the same niche the luxury niche and just screenshot their content and then upload it to your own account.

They're also doing it and that's how people are building huge followings online. And as I said your own content is best if you can create your own content that's best and you can create it with Photoshop.

You can create it with Photoshop or you can create it with Canva.

It's really really easy to create your own content these days. And if you have a personal account then just take pictures of yourself and put some nice value in the caption as I already said.

And the last one is viral videos.

Go on the Explorer page of Instagram and you get me to find some viral videos that you can download and repost on your own page.

Viral videos do really well especially if you are into these groups because now you have those people liking that video and that video has the potential of going viral on your page.

And when that happens you'll be getting a huge amount of followers and likes. So those are the best types of content viral content.

That means viral pictures and stuff like that your own content which is best you can repost stuff from

You can repost other people's content from Instagram and you can repost viral videos from it and you can find those viral videos on YouTube on Instagram on Google whatever on Facebook.

You can find those videos download them with simple Google search you can find a web site that can download those videos download them and then repost them on your instrument page.

That's the types of content you should be posting in order to build your followings up fast.

Now in the next article, I'll be writing about Strategy that big brands are using to go viral overnight!! 🔥🔥🔥 | The Best THE DARK STRATEGY that most people don't know.

So meet me there.