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Guru and Chela Facebook group

You will happy to know that this Guru and Chela has a surprise bonus for you. This time I’m providing a platform, i.e., a Private Facebook group which is a platform for all young and creative minds. This platform will allow you to share your weird or creative ideas, strategies, budgets, thoughts, etc., to lead a digital marketing agency. Through this group, you connect with people who are masters or beginners in this world. Moreover, I believe in such ways one can learn and grow in a better way.

Reasons to join this group: -

  • The advantage of being in this group is that you can connect with me easily and get your problems solved in time.
  • You can access various programs free of cost.
  • Also, we have a strong and talented marketing team with whom you learn the tricks to be a good marketer in this field.
  • Apart from all these things we will also have Q&A sessions, live videos, some sensitive documents like proposal formats etc., in this group.

Who should Join this group:-

  • If you are a learner in this field then this group is a bonus for your knowledge box so join this group before you miss the chance.

Hope to see you on the other side!

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