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Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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Who should read it?

Entrepreneurship is something that cannot be taught. It is a passion for innovation and creation and there is undoubtedly no age bar for your thoughts to soar high. Any individual, any person who aspires to be an entrepreneur or even if a person is already, this book would confidently make you trace the path of achievement. Not only does it suit the entrepreneurs but it also hits the investors and people who juggle with money. Every student irrespective of their forte should once go through the book so as to understand the value of innovation.

When to read it?

This book is an asset for entrepreneurs and people with comprehensive ideas. Unlike any other book, this book doesn’t aim for a specific phase for a person to read it. Read it as a student, read it as an entrepreneur or maybe an aspiring one, read it when you are stuck in a situation or read it when you are about to give up. This book will safely sail you through the hurdles of a startup. Would you mind, if by just reading a book, a passion for entrepreneurship ignites in you? I am sure you wouldn’t mind certainly. That is the kind of miraculous influence this book holds.


Product Description

Brief Description

Peter Thiel, the guy behind Paypal and Palantir seems to be the Godfather of business. This book will teach you something that no Business school could. A supremacy of thoughts and an amalgamation of vision, experience, the dominance of markets and its cut-throat competition really do flow well. This book serves to be your crisp financial adviser and for a startup – these pages will surely put sense. For those who are mistaken, this book isn’t a guide but a practical process leading you from Zero To One. The author has wonderfully set this book class apart in the field of business. With myriad case studies and examples, the book can cater to the needs of the management schools. The contents not only range from economics and startups but also to Artificial Intelligence, Monopoly, IT Communications and Globalization. The book urges the reader to ask himself, “What is it that needs to be done but no one is doing?” The book states the importance of these questions and their significance and justifications. In a nutshell, a marvelously woven piece of provocative thoughts for an innovator to sustain a company and its revenue.