Rich Dad Poor Dad Book- Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book- Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Who should read it?

This book is for everyone who wishes to manage money and finances in a smarter way because financial management is a must for every individual. It gives you a realistic approach towards earning money. Everyone who wants to improve their financial state, this book is a welcome sign for you.

When should you read it?

This is one of those rare books which should be read at least once. If you still haven’t read it, “better be late than never”. The working class if you have no investments, this book would notify you of your financial mistakes and lets you take calculated risks confidently so that you generate revenue further in life. The students aren’t also exempted since starting early would be much more advantageous.

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Product Description

Brief Description

The rich will remain rich, the middle class will remain middle class and the poor will continue to remain poor. The author has very decisively explicated the attitude of these people towards earning money. The book will definitely help you focus on making financial plans. The book has explicitly covered topics such as economics, investments, stocks, wealth creation, etc. The difference between assets and liabilities is explained exceptionally well. It is an eye-opener. Most of us are well educated but are we financially educated? Financial education is a must for everyone at this rate of inflation. Just keeping your money in banks isn’t satisfactory. This book dwells in wealth creation through different sources other than just fixing yourself at a place from 9 to 5. It encourages people to endeavor to create alternative sources of income. The book basically deals in psychology of rich people and how it differs from commoners.