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How to improve your blog writing skills and grammar [The Easiest way]

I started writing, but never had the confidence to present my thoughts publicly. Somewhere I knew that I was not able to portray my words correctly the way I wanted to deliver. I started finding other options which can help me to grow in this field in a short period.


Every blogger wants to write a blog with no grammatical mistakes that readers appreciate. A blog with lots of grammatical errors and wrong sentence formation loses the interest of the reader. Even I as a reader will not appreciate such writings.

All of us know that to be a master of any field, skill plays a major role and it takes time to develop and sometimes we lack time. Thus, we start searching for alternatives. There are several ways, such as reading books, watching English movies, improving vocabulary, writing practice, etc., through which you can master in the English language, but all this stuff takes time to improve. No doubt these are the best way to progress and hold command in English language, but honestly speaking in today’s world we don’t have patience as well as time.

Everyone is so much result oriented today that we want fast results of anything we do, whether it is to buy a chocolate or to learn a skill. Also, we are involved in so many things that it is difficult for us to devote all our attention to one thing which takes time to give the result.

Hello friends, even I was also in this situation so today I wished to share my experience with you all that how I have improved my writing skills. When I started blogging my matter contains a lot of mistakes, but I did not know how to solve this problem. I could write but grammar was my biggest problem.


I came across a tool Grammarly which truly helped me to improve my blog writing skills and grammer. It is a well-known tool which helps to correct grammatical errors in your content. It is easy to use and provides a quick result.

We may write properly, but still, we make a lot of grammatical mistakes and we can’t approach someone every time to proofread our work as we asked our teachers to do so during chilhood. So, I use to write my work first and then put for proofread on Grammarly this helped me to improve my writing in a better way.

It helps to check errors like a verb, subject, voice, preposition, conjunction, and punctuations which most of us don’t know how to use correctly. It took less time to bring my writing pattern on the track and in the meanwhile I was able to post my work as well. So we can do two things hand in hand.

Grammarly is a platform to enhance the English language. It is software which is useful for a student as well as for the businessman and for the beginners who started blogging. This software makes your task easy and simpler. As a beginner, it was a difficult job for me to proofread my work, but the moment I started using this software, it changed my writing style and public response towards my posts. It is the easiest method to check your writing quality and learn from your mistakes. I use to write my text first and then check it on Grammarly, where I could find my mistakes, corrected it and then learn from it. I started doing it on a daily basis and gradually was able to see a sea like a change in my writing patterns. So, blogging become simpler with softwares like this. If you have less time than this software is beneficial for you as it will save your time as well as it will make your text error free. On the other hand it will teach you tricks of grammar and improve your creative writing skill.

How to get Grammarly for Free?

It is very easy to register for Grammarly and you can also sign up for a free version to discover more. Grammarly avails free subscription to the new users, so, you can experience it services and then go for the premium version.

  • Firstly visit the Grammarly website and click the red button. The red button indicates that “ get Grammarly for free”
  • Next a screen will appear to create a free account for Grammarly. You just have to submit your name, email address and password.
  • Now your account is ready to use.

Free version vs Premium version: –

The free account will only help you in correcting critical grammar and spelling checks only. Premium version is better than free because it provides various features which free version does not provide such as:

–    Advance checks for grammar, sentence formation, punctuation, and context.

–    It provides suggestions for vocabulary enhancement.

–    It also checks genre-specific writing style.

–    Plagiarism Checker

How to use Grammarly free

If you have never used Grammarly before just follow these steps to use it for free Grammarly.

Step 1:- Visit and click on login.

Step 2:- After sign up process a screen will appear mentioned below, then click on the icon named new.

Step 3: – After opening new empty page, copy and paste your text on that page or you can upload also.

Step 4: – Once your text is upload Grammarly will present all mistakes your text carries.

Now you can see what mistakes you have done, learn and correct it. It will show mistakes which at times we are not able to see. The free version of Grammarly provides limited facilities. For the advance version, you have to register for the premium version of Grammarly. The benefit of upgrading to Grammarly premium is that it reduces the time we spent for proofreading. Once you sign up for the free version you receive several offers to buy Grammarly premium at discount rates.

Conclusion: –

Facing the problem of blogging might be because you are not a trained blogger.

The problem of blogging most of the people are facing because they are not trained bloggers but their worked demanded to become a one.

So we start writing, but still lack the confidence to present our work publicly it is because we knew that our work will not be appreciated by the reader or maybe we fail to deliver our message correctly. Today we search for more alternatives to get our work done instead of spending time on learning a skill. In this article, I have shared my experience and ways how I improved my writing style.

No doubt writing practice improves ones writing, but today we don’t have the time nor we can approach someone every time for proofreading. So, to improve my problem I took help of Grammarly who proofread my work and correct my grammatical errors, sentence formation, punctuations, writing style, etc.

You can improve your writing in this way it will save your time, improves your writing style and you can upload your post at the same time.

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