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Govind Dadhich

Govind Dadhich
Founder and Hobby Artist
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Welcome, my name is Govind Dadhich and I am delighted that our paths have crossed. I’m an Electronics and telecommunication engineer. When I was a school going boy I always had a dream to live a life of my own. With the growing age, I had decided to be an engineer as I always had a curiosity to know every inch new technological stuff moreover, since childhood, I had an interest in this field which gradually turned into a passion. The thing which was common is that Throughout my education, I remain an average category student…but I enjoyed and learned a lot. I loved solving logical and brainstorming questions as it teaches me to be a fighter till the end until I found the right repercussion.

There are several people who helped me in my journey also here’s a man who always inspired me is Steve Job. I am an art and music lover which helps me to refresh and creative every time. In my sphere time, I love doing sketching and share my work on my Instagram account - @govindadhich

GURU AND CHELA is one of my daydreams and is very close to my Heart. I started it working individually without any skills and knowledge. Just like everyone I too had a lot of ebbs and flow in my journey, Well, I have entered in a place where you need to take a lot of risks as I had no idea how to sell, or market or even how to build a website and as a result, I failed. For a long period I was struggling but nothing worked in the right direction and It was very upsetting, emotional that I couldn’t do it.

During this struggling period one of my teachers play a paramount role who helped me to find right path that how to do it. His teachings and conversations made me realized that I need to learn more skills and knowledge. I needed to increase my knowledge, and I needed to become a true expert at my field. He suggested me some names of experts who are great in their field to refer and learn from them. It almost took me two long years to understand everything but I am happy today that his guidance and support has helped to learn the entire system but learned it and I did it.

Yes, it is true that we learn and grow from our experiences and my journey has also taught me many lessons for life. I believe- "Every individual needs guidance at some point in life, hence it is important to have a 'Guru' or you can say a 'Mentor', to bring out best in ourselves" and The moment I understood this, my life changed forever.


I am devoted to-
“Avail education to everyone on this planet which will help them to grow as an individual and will empower them in the light of resources and knowledge they require.”

Guru and Chela has two ends ACADEMIC & DIGITAL AGENCY. In academic end, we are dedicated to teach and help individuals like who face difficulties to find their way and the other end Digital Agency which deals with Corporate to help them in business development.


"Thanks to your support the site is done! And I think it is beautiful and very useful since it is designed in a way that it is always up-to-date with the latest video tutorials and the latest uploaded photos, organized in a way that are easy to find and to watch. And with a live feed of social media which makes it fun. Take a look at it and any comments are welcome.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Having a website as nice as this one, that would serve you for real was a dream of mine, and it came true thanks to you! 🙂" -Leo


Started in 2017, have a team of 5 who aims at providing easy and cheap access to knowledge and skills a person seeking in their interested fields so that it can make a difference in their lives. The dedication and hard work of your young minds helped us to get the support of more than 800 people on Facebook page. Our team is thankful to each and every person who has supported in our every ebb and flow. For us, audience support and love is the best energy and motivation drink.

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