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Guru and Chela

Online Video Editing Service Provider in India

Guru and Chela is a leading video editing company in India that brings the spark of creativity to your captured moments through our exclusive video editing services. We are a team of specialised and experienced editors who put their creative thought into visualising different video editing approaches and selecting the best approach to produce versatile videos. As one of the top branded video production companies, we aim to deliver stories that resonate with your target audience and give them an engaging experience. We practice the finest video editing software and techniques to create quality-driven videos and offer different packages that align with your requirement.

Our professional video editing services range from short videos to long-form videos, creating subtitles and designing thumbnails for various groups like content creators, businesses, brands, and celebrities. We take pride in delivering transformative results within a runaround time of 5-7 days and rush bookings at unmatched prices.

By partnering with Guru and Chela, you will be rooted in deep strategic insights and processes to promote and communicate your vision through appealing and branded video stories. Let's come together to create videos that paint the creativity you are looking for!

Creative Video Production Company

Why Choose Guru and Chela for

Video Editing Services in India?

Short turnaround time

Our timelines are based on project complexity, deadlines, and requirements laid by the client. We have enabled a short turnaround time to deliver our client's finished and edited product.

Data security

We take full guarantee and security of your video by using Virtual Private Network(VPN) and File Transfer Protocol(FTP). All your data is safe with our team of security experts.

Quality Checks

We carry out quality checks and convey them to our clients at every stage of the video editing process. This helps us maintain transparency and ensures that guidelines are being met and maintained throughout the completion of the project.

Customized pricing and services

We assist you in aligning our services based on the specific scope of the project and provide you with customized prices suitable to your budget. You can get the option to choose based on hourly rates, project rates, or full-time equivalent rates.

Our Range of Video Editing Services Includes

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Short Video editing

Short Videos/Reels

The short form of videos lasts for 30 seconds to 1 minute, pushed down to a targeted audience. GNC's intuitive video editing tools make it easy to create impactful short videos optimised for every social media format like Instagram stories, YouTube Shorts, or Reels. Share appealing and relevant videos by adding subtitles, transitions, and video styles to communicate your purpose and message correctly.

long or youtube video editing

Long-Form Videos

Guru and Chela is a one-stop video-post production company assisting and inventing videos matching the client's style and expectations. From product launches, explainer videos, How-to videos, demo videos, and documentary-style films to Educational Video Editing, Corporate Video Editing, YouTube and Vlog Editing, IGTVs, and Video tours, our editors will bring life to your video footage. From video cutting to after effects, we are here to set the tone and mood of your video project that leaves a mark on your audience.

Creating Subtitles for videos

Creating Subtitles

Let us take care of all your subtitle needs such that you can publish your video content worldwide. GNC provides the best subtitling services to enhance your brand's reach, from adding the subtitle text to marking the text with timestamps. We also take care of translating the subtitles into localized languages and offer multiple formats to choose from. Our team of experts is experienced enough to understand the client's requirements and work as per the demographics of the project. We provide subtitles services for all YouTube, broadcast series, and documentary series.

video thumbnail designing services

Thumbnail Designing

An eye-catching thumbnail design is what garners the highest views! If you are looking forward to a thumbnail that delivers a good impression and an overview of your content, then GNC's thumbnail designing services are the right fit for you. Our graphic designers specialize in using different types of sophisticated thumbnails to match your business requirement. We can also handle banners based on the variety of niche videos and use constructive formats that accelerate impressions to the audience boosting your video views.

System of Latest Tools and Software

Video editing softwares

Our video editing professionals hold vast domain experience and leverage a system of advanced video editing software. Our Software tools includes Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and other technical software to process designing, building, scripting, editing, and delivering exclusive and enriched video footage. As a video editing company in India, we abide by the client's requirements and make sure to commit within the fixed turnaround time. 

Video Editing Services for


Show your customers what you have to offer through polished and dynamic video content. From corporate video to client testimonials, we can make you create a real impact at every stage of your sales funnel through our editing services.


Revolutionize your teaching and engage your audience by breaking down complex topics into explanatory videos. Add elements like graphics and subtitles to boost their learning power!

Content Creators

Take your content up in the game as we are here to ease up your video editing workload. Get unlimited videos edited such that you spend more time creating amazing videos!


Film and edit videos of your special events and projects from our wide range of diversified editing services covering video advertisement, corporate event coverages, introduction videos, wedding highlights, feature films, and guest interviews. Add the magic of transition and animation to your footage based on your specifications.


Bring rich quality to your e-commerce product videos through video trimming, segments, sound effects, and special filters in the latest emerging formats. Scale up your product promotion with comprehensive videos and reach out to your targeted audience.


Share impactful digital content by converting your stunning footage and captures into powerful social videos. Our video tools are designed to maximize engagement from your viewers and increase your follower count to the next level.

As a Creative Video Editing Company, Guru and Chela is best known to strategize, create and launch high-performing video content!

Bring your video editing projects and add the charm of uniqueness to your business!

Our 3-Step Process to produce Engrossing Videos!

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  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

Share the raw files

Send us your raw data, legacy storage tapes, or Digital files. 

Our range of online

video editing services

As an online video editing company, our range of services assist you in making your video polished by arranging the shots obtained from the raw footage turning into a meaningful sequence and adding the spark to your video with background music and effects!



  • Recovery and enhancements

Basic Video Editing Services

Get a trim, neat, and sequence video that matches your budget. We offer our basic editing services intended to remove the unwanted portions and rearrange the footage to improve the overall impact among your viewers.

Our services are inclusive of

  1. Removing unwanted video footage
  2. Format conversions and standardization
  3. Merging and rearranging sequences
Basic Video Editing Services

Outsource video editing services to

Guru And Chela

Outsource video editing services

With 5+ years of unmatched and dedicated experience and presence, we have been recognized as one of India's leading video editing service providers. Suppose you are a company or production house looking forward to outsourcing editing services. In that case, Guru and Chela is here to ease your burden and take up the responsibility by offering unmatched video quality services within the least turnaround time. Our innovative and creative in-house team of video editors specializes in different segments and provides valuable inputs to match the customer's needs at highly unmatched prices. For turning your videos into the most creative output, outsource video editing services to Guru and Chela.

Hire a Dedicated

OnlineVideo Editor

Hire your own video editor mumbai

If you want exclusive attention for your work and requirements, you can hire a dedicated video editor who will be committed to delivering premium quality services. 

Our video editors are well equipped in producing videos and are best known to handle all the requirements in one place. Avail your dedicated professional Video Editor at budget-friendly prices and enjoy the magnificent results of our video editing services.

Let's Discuss Your Idea

Bring your idea to our table! Let's connect and discover how we can help!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of videos do you edit?

We cater to video editing services ranging from short videos to long-term videos, subtitling, or creating thumbnails suitable for corporates, content creators, businesses, videographers, or influencers.

What is the maximum time you take to complete the video?

The maximum time depends upon the extent, scope, and demand of the project. If you want to get into details, you can contact our customer support system and share all your requirements. Based on that, we can assist you in providing the accurate timing of the delivery.

Do you use stock footage and photos?

Yes, stock footage is considered a part of our services without any additional costs to ensure that your product is worth the quality.

What is the cost of editing my video?

The cost of Editing the videos varies depending upon the scope, demand, and requirement of the project. The prices for all video editing services are different. However, if you want to know a full detailed project-wise costing chart, please get in touch with our customer support representative.

Can I get to see samples of your work?

Yes, you can find out our video editing samples here*
*(Redirecting to Video Editing Samples Heading)
However, if you wish to see more work samples, our team can provide you with that. 

How many revisions do you provide after the delivery project?

Usually, we provide three free-of-cost revisions for all of our clients, and all of these are mentioned in the package that will be given to you.